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The Center for Health Design in Concord, California

June 25, 2014

A medical professional for nearly 25 years, Dr. Paul Barach holds academic and advisory positions in Norway, the Netherlands, and in the United States. The emeritus chair of the Research Coalition of the Center for Health Design since 2008, Dr. Paul Barach has worked closely with national leaders in architecture, engineering, medicine, and design to contribute to the development of evidence based design and high quality healthcare facilities.

Based out of Concord, California, the Center for Health Design was founded on the belief that the design of a health care facility affects patient outcomes. For over 20 years, it has researched the issue while expanding its reach internationally. In addition, the Center partners with nongovernmental organizations, clinicians, and interior designers to learn the best ways to care for patients.

In May 2014, the Center for Health Design introduced its Research Advisory Services Division. Health care groups, design firms, and medical equipment manufacturers approach this department with questions about their plans and designs. Its experts can respond to basic inquiries based on its vast research data or perform extensive, customized investigations into specific issues. Offerings include literature reviews, white papers, and individualized tools. Due to the nuances of this specific area of health care, facilities can improve their services in a cost-effective manner by turning to a team trained in design and health care. For more information, visit

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