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Collaborative Improves Outcomes for Motor Vehicle Injury Patients

July 1, 2014

Anesthesiologist and intensive care expert physician, Paul Barach maintains a deep interest in providing quality of care of patients in medical care settings. He previously served as a project leader for the New South Wales Motor Accidents Authority, an organization which provides injury compensation for individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents in New South Wales (NSW). Through this project, Paul Barach led an effort and set up a learning collaborative to improve trauma care delivery and rehabilitation systems for patients who sustained motor vehicle accident injuries.

The Motor Accidents Authority’s NSW Trauma Collaborative brings together stakeholders involved in the patient experience following a traumatic accident. These stakeholders include physicians, policy makers, insurers, and researchers. By creating a collaborative approach, the Motor Accidents Authority facilitates information sharing between multiple systems to support the patient’s journey, from the injurious incident through rehabilitation and recovery.

In addition, the Trauma Collaborative aims to improve communications between care delivery systems to create a less fragmented patient experience. As a result, the Trauma Collaborative can support better interventions for patients and a more positive long-term outcome, which can promote improved re-integration into the community for injured parties.

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