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Tips for Improving Patient Safety

August 15, 2014

Dr. Paul Barach has published over 120 medical papers throughout his extensive career. Paul has a proven record of research and scholarship leading healthcare research projects using implementation science methods, with strong quantitative and qualitative skills.

Paul Barach led study with colleagues from Cork, Ireland, on improving clinical performance using rehearsal and Warm-up before procedures prior to performing complex clinical procedures on patients.

Deficiencies in patient safety and quality improvement are increasing concerns with the growing complexity of patient care. Safe medical care requires that complex patient interventions be performed by highly skilled operators (i.e., physicians performing medical interventions requiring technical skills) supported by reliable teams. Operators need to have a low tolerance for error and to be supported by resilient, patient-centered teams in structured microsystems.

Dr Barach and colleagues found that the potential benefits of and optimal techniques for performing physical rehearsal and warm-up have not been established. Preliminary findings suggest that preoperative rehearsal or warm-up can improve the performance
of operators or operating teams, but there is a paucity of objective evidence
and comparative clinical studies in the existing literature to support their routine use.

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